What We’ve Learned From 90 Years of Business

2018 marks our 90th year in business! That’s 90 years of a family-run passion for laundry and linens. But these 90 years did not always come easy. We faced the flood of 1937 in the Cincinnati Reds and labor shortages and supply rationing during World War II. It’s our perseverance and dedication that brought us to where we are today! Through the hardships, the good times, the laughs and the successes.......

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The Lunching Hour: How To Increase Lunch Sales

The lunch hour is a dying tradition. Fewer and fewer Americans are going out to eat for lunch. They’re opting to eat lunch at their desks or even skip lunch altogether. In 2016, restaurants saw a $3.2 billion decline in lunch sales. As a restaurant, how can you increase lunch sales despite this huge cultural shift? Here are a few of our suggestions for how you can draw customers in and increase lunch sales......

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How Your Business Can Go Green

As the topic of going green continues to trend, a bigger demand is being put on businesses to make a change to their carbon footprint. There’s no doubt that individuals tend to associate businesses with negative environmental impacts due to the potential emissions they release, their large use of energy, their wastefulness with supplies, etc. Therefore, many businesses are exploring......

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The Complete Guide to Restaurant Uniforms

Not sure what kind of kitchen apparel you need? Here’s everything you need to know about restaurant kitchen uniforms. Contrary to the technicality demanded by its name, the chef jacket is not an apparel item exclusive to trained chefs. Everyone, regardless of the line or rank within the professional kitchen, is supposed to wear these functional tops designed specifically for safety and efficiency in the kitchen.....

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Back-of-the-House Linens are Just as Important as Front-of-the-House Linens

Just because the back of the house does not get all the exposure and customer attention doesn’t mean they don’t deserve any of yours! More often than not, back-of-the-house details go on the backburner while all efforts are concentrated on the front of the house....

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The Evolution of Nursing Uniforms

When we talk about nursing uniforms, more likely than not, we conjure up the image of an immaculate white and red uniform complete with a crisp, cotton hat. Despite the fact that white nursing uniforms have not been in fashion nor have been used in most hospitals since the 1970s, this look remains iconic....

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5 Things Restaurant Customers Notice First

Those first few moments that your customers spend in your restaurant are crucial in determining how the rest of their meal experience will be. And sometimes, even the best meal cannot revive the opportunities lost over failing to make a good first impression....

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Standard Types & Sizes of Towels for Your Business

Towels are used by a plethora of businesses for different functions. Therefore, there is a variety oftowel styles and sizes available. It is important to choose your towels accordingly to fulfill your desired use. Typically, the larger the towel is in size, the more absorbent it is. Some of the most popular towels utilized by businesses are bath, kitchen, and specialty towels...

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Do You Post or Tweet on Social Media? So Do We!

There are more social media users today than ever before! It is important for businesses to have a presence on social media, as it is one of the most common ways for customers to keep in touch with you. All types of businesses can benefit from being on social media. Whether you run a medical facility or restaurant, your customers are probably on social media. Another benefit to social media for your business is free advertising. The more you post, the more people who like your page or follow your page, the more likely you are to become a household name...

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How Our Superior Linens and Products Can Aid Your Company

Our name isn’t Superior for nothing! During our 90-year history in the linen and uniform business, we’ve earned a reputation for unmatched customer satisfaction and only the best technologies and practices in the land...

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