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Restroom Products

The condition of a restroom can have a profound effect on a customer. Just ask any of your customers where they expect your business to be the cleanest - the vast majority will tell you it’s the restroom.

That is why Superior Linen and Apparel offers restroom products that keep your restrooms clean and looking great. Our goal is help you provide the most sanitary environment possible with high-quality paper and soap products, dispensers, air fresheners, floor mats, and more.

You can find additional information on all of our products below, or contact us today for a custom quote.


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Superior Paper ProductsSuperior Paper Products

Paper Products

One of the worst qualities of paper products in the restroom is how wasteful they can be, forcing you to consistently splurge more and more on product refills. Yet, toilet tissue is necessary and paper hand towels are one of the more sanitary methods of hand drying. With Superior Linen and Apparel, you get both quality and efficiency with your paper products. Our toilet tissue and center feed hand towels are high-quality and sturdy, and our dispensers provide controlled dispensing, helping reduce waste and save you money. The dispensers come included with the paper products.

Superior Soap Dispenser ProductsSuperior Dispenser Products

Soap Products

Provide the best-of-the-best soap to your employees and customers! A lot goes into a quality hand soap - you can’t just pick up any off the shelf. Hand soap should efficiently clean the hands, as well as moisturize, while avoiding harm to the environment. Our Refresh Foam Moisturizing Soap is Green Seal certified and contains aloe vera so it conditions the skin as it cleans! Each 1000ml refill provides up to 2,500 pumps.

a bathroom air freshener3 urinal screens

Other Restroom Products

While the basic rule of sanitation in the restroom is to provide quality paper and soap products, cleanliness doesn’t stop there. Air fresheners keep the restroom smelling great, and urinal screens and anti-microbial urinal mats keep the restroom clean. We offer all of these products to keep your restroom in spotless condition.



Affiliations and Certifications

Superior Linen and Apparel

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