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The only thing that matches our commitment to quality is your commitment to your practice. Complete your topnotch medical service with high-quality medical linens with the help of Superior Linen and Apparel!

Our years of expert experience specializing in medical apparel give us an in-depth understanding of how important cleanliness is in the medical setting. That is why we uphold the strictest standards in our operations, from picking up to washing to delivering and storing your linens to ensure the best, cleanest, safest results for your facility, staff, and patients.

Completing our topnotch service and dedication to quality is our state-of-the-art facilities. Every load we pick up is treated with automated washers, injecting optimum cleaning formula to rid each garment of every trace of stains, smells, and microbes. We finish off each load with a run through our Jensen Steam Tunnel to give your linens the thorough clean your medical facility deserves.

Our entire operation meets and exceeds the recommendations and regulations of OSHA, the CDC, and the AHA, so you can rest assured that your linens are clean to healthcare industry standards.

With Superior Linen and Apparel, you are guaranteed the kind of service that fully incorporates the communication, technology, and innovation necessary to keep you on top of your linen needs and provide you with superior service and quality you won’t get elsewhere.

Learn more about what Superior Linen and Apparel can do for you and your facility! Call 800-544-7527 for a consultation or to get started on your medical linen rental and service today.



Affiliations and Certifications

Superior Linen and Apparel

Hygienically Clean Certification National Network of Professional Launderers Textile Services Association Commerce Lexington Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

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