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We are naturally an environmentally friendly business but we don’t stop there. See for yourself.

It’s Purely Natural

It’s In Our Nature To Be Green
Superior Linen is, in its nature, an environmentally friendly business. Our business is based on renting out and reusing textiles. We reuse the same products over and over again, reducing the need for our customers to use and throw away paper linen and other disposable products, cutting down on waste.

Naturally Green Practices

Washing Chemicals

Superior now uses environmentally friendly, maximally concentrated washing chemicals that are formulated to meet the changing Environmental Stewardship demands of the North American Rental Textile Industry.

These E-Max High Efficiency formulas, developed by Eclolab, are maximally concentrated for a reduced carbon footprint. They wash faster, and therefore consume less water, gas and electricity, while maintaining the same exceptionally high quality clean.

  • Formula Run Time Reduced: 20 – 25% 
  • Water Consumption Reduced: 20 – 35% 
  • Gas Consumption Reduced: 5 – 10% 
  • Electricity Reduced: 2 – 5% 
Superior Linen is Green

E-Max Detergent has received the U.S. government’s highest rating for environmental safety, the Design for the Environment Seal from the Environmental Protection Agency

Washroom Tracker

The washroom uses an advanced tracking system to ensure that each wash load runs with optimum efficiency. This tracking system tracks washer loads to ensure that each load runs for the correct amount of time, maximizing the use of both energy and water.

Heat Reclaimer and Boiler Stack Economizer

Superior Linen utilizes a sophisticated waste water heat recovery system that retains the heat from the used waste water to preheat the incoming freshwater using a Heat Reclaimer. This process can recover up to 60% of the energy required to heat the freshwater.

The water preheated by the heat reclaimer then travels through a boiler stack economizer where boiler exhaust comes in direct contact with the incoming water and further preheats it. These two advanced systems preheat the water so that Superior Linen uses less natural gas and energy to heat the incoming water.

Other Ways We Are Going Green

  • High efficiency T8 lighting for energy savings of 27-36% over older lighting
  • FIBERGLASTM Pipe Insulation that prevents heat loss to further maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy demand
  • Handheld devices for paperless invoicing and reduced office paper use
  • State of the art machines that use less energy than older machines
  • Restroom Products designed to limit waste
  • Analysis of water and natural gas usage to ensure efficiency
Hygienically Clean Healthcare

We are proud to announce that Superior Linen and MedPure has achieved the TRSA's Hygenically Clean Healthcare certification. Read more about our Hygienically Clean Certification and what it means for you!

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